Whirlpool Oven E6 F2 Error Code Failure and/or Blank Display — Board Not Available

Whirlpool Oven Panel E6 F2 Error Code

Whirlpool Oven Panel E6 F2 Error Code

Control Board Front View Control Board Back View

We are seeing some of these Whirlpool boards come into the shop. The common symptom is a display that intermittently goes blank, sometimes accompanied by an error code E6-F2. This applies to a variety of model numbers such as the GBD277, GBD307, KBRP36, LTG623, RBD245, RBD275, RBD276, RBD305, RBD306, RBD277 series with typical control board part numbers 8303883, 8302967, 8302319, 8301345, 8301908,4451856, 4451991, 4452890, 4452898, 4453664. These boards seem to be currently unavailable from the factory and little or no distributor stock.

No worries, we can repair this for you at FixYourBoard. Just go to our website, find the shipping form and send it in with the board. We will turn it in a fews days at our shop.

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